Emergency Peace


Peace is the art most commodity and this commodity is wanted as now, our nations today are just heels over heads over the prospect of peace. The US and the UK have messed up things for other countries where there is no more coming back to reality, Iraq and Afghanistan are now ravaged and needing help day after day because of what we as the mother powers put them through. Tony Blair with his ally George Bush invaded Iraq, we all were told that it was a fight against terror, lives of soldiers lost and there is no way of explaining what is going on and why are our soldiers loosing their lives. Today Iraq is more worse than the days of Saddam Hussein, at least during his days no taking over of other cities by militants/terrorist as they are called, was it not the same terrorist our soldiers went to Iraq to remove? why are they still there and our soldiers are said to have finished their mission in Iraq? World over there is an emergency need for peace and the world can not suffer any more as a result of our mother power mistakes and miss calculations, Iraq needs peace and her peace has been long overdue, let us help her get back to her peaceful days.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on Iraq delays vote on emergency powers 12/06/14 


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