Secured Love


I am standing on here thinking of what i may have done wrong, i am just standing here thinking of where i lost it, it is hard to believe that after loosing it all I gain the best and I am about to loose it again. This is a song that most of us sing today and they have made it a life long theory that they have some sort of bad luck in their lives, here is my solution for you, I personally do not believe in any bad luck/omen if you may put it that way, however i do believe that there are people that may want to make your life a living hell. Now when it comes to relationships bad luck do not apply no matter how many misfortunes you have had love is the key problem in most relationships, most of us get involved and when your love game begins you do not show up, so whose problem is that, most of us get involved and do not participate in their relationships, this is what I am trying to say. So Secured love is about you being active in every area of your relationship, work harder to make it work, give more love than criticism yes i said that, if you want it to work try this and see whether you still have bad luck/not, be blessed and be a blessing


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