Peace on the Run


There is a lot that we teach the world today, it is however that our governments get it wrong most of the times, the fact that we are mother powers does not make us the best at solving every problem. When Tony Blair and George Bush seized Iraq it was all about war on terror and they took down Saddam Hussein, the problem with that is years on after their seizure that war on terror seem to be costing the world peace than maintaining peace. Today there are 500,000 Iraq people fleeing their homes because of a problem that we as mother powers created, where is the war on terror now, where are weapons of mass destruction? why are our soldiers dying in Afghanistan and Iraq? President Obama said it himself that as the US is the most powerful nation on this planet every problem does not need to be solved by war, his exact words being “Being a hammer, does not mean that every problem in the world is a nail” well said sir but what about more of the problems we are creating with our hammer? World over our crisis on peace needs our human race, let us not extinct human race to try and solve the crisis of peace, let our human race be part of the solution, Iraq needs peace and they need it now

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on Half a million flee Iraq’s Mosul 11/06/14


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