The Apple of Love


Sometimes i feel like i am loosing what i deservedly fought for, i feel like the world around me is loosing its direction, i just feel like this day is tasteless. There are a lot of us who are going through emotions in our relationships, some genuine emotions some fake ones as well, emotion is the most dangerous thing that most of us base our relationships on. If one looks at an apple they may feel so tempted to have a bite that is how your relationship has to look like, it has to be filled with love that attracts even those that think love is gone. The apple of love is edifying your man/woman even though they may be problems between you, buy them flowers, buy them a gift, on their joy talk to them softly and beautifully about what you do not approve of, this is just my idea of the apple of Love and i believe it is more appetizing, be blessed and be a blessing


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