Raw Peace


There are times when we as a people wish that things may turn back to where they used to be, if we all remember how great and peaceful our nations were, if we all remember how great and peaceful we were as a people. It makes me wonder what on earth went wrong, where is that joy that we used to share, having the joy of watching the news to hear the good news of what happens in the world, not bad but productive things, what happened to those old good days where people in Syria would walk around not fearing that someone may fire a bullet at another, Yest the value of Raw peace. Finally the nail on the coffin of the Assad regime has been finally hit and the people of Syria are to Vote and give Syria fresh hope and a fresh future. Let us be strong behind the people of Syria as they decide their future in their elections, world over and fellow peace loving citizens let us all cherish this jewel so raw as peace start all over.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on Syria Votes in contentious election 03/06/14


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