Backbone of Peace


No matter how we try by all means to resist the best in peace, peace is always the stronger notion that humanity lives and breathes, despite wars and conflicts against humans to humans a lasting solution still stands and that solution may not be far fetched from reality of peace. I am personally in owe and in respect of the notion of peace, hence standing with organizations that are in accord with humanitarian protection and peace worldwide. Boko Haram in Nigeria will be defeated, it may not take long or it may take long the best in peace will prevail, Rebels in Syria have left their tight hold grip of Homs, this is a way towards peace and setting a backbone of peace. Russia as a bully as it seems has finally endorsed the elections in Ukraine as they say that it is a step towards the right direction, today this seems an act of greatness, however a close eye need to be open with Russia as there is nothing that sounds peaceful when Russia is involved, especially when it involves Ukraine. UN, EU and world leaders it is time that peace be the backbone of our world that defines our existence.

Edwin Mathe in relations to three BBC articles on Putin backs Ukraine election, Syria rebels evacuating Homs and Nigeria reward to find School girls 07/05/14

Prediction of Success


I am one men that loves to look at my life ahead and i plan my things ahead of me, it is however that to other people my plans are too slow for them. One of my close friends once told me once you are married you become a successful men and i rushed into it thinking success was going to be found in marriage, to my surprise that is where i found a lot of problems. Success is the best that most of us want and it is just how much of it we all want and how we all look for it, this is just one simple thing that i do believe in, success is not to be taken as wealth/money and big cars, houses and jewelry. Success is just how good your thought comes out and how much of it do you see doing well, that i call the prediction of success, i have my predictions and i know in my mind they will produce the best i want, what is your prediction

Abiding Love


A lot of us are in relationships that we are not even sure what to expect from them, most of us want to be loved, cared for and given attention, i guess we all want to have such. As we all hope for the best in our relationships it is just surprising that where we are as a people we do not represent what we say we want in relationships. I have friends that have asked me questions as a men, these are questions i get, what is it that men want? this is the point of view from women who are concerned about being single but still searching for the right men out there. Now here is the answer to most of you women out there, ill try by all means to address this in as much calmer way as i can, women first your looks need not to reflect what men will de-value, this i mean your make up application does not have to reflect a hooker/prostitute, this is the truth that no one will tell you guys, you may think that you are doing great with your eye lashes and stuff, your make up and all those things you think will make you beautiful, men are not looking for barbie they are looking for a wife, so your looks have to portray that. Now to men i just am surprised that most men think a club is where you find a woman to merry, im sorry dude that is the reason why you are still single and no one is suitable for you. Well let me just say let us all work on our love that abides and we all know where to position ourselves to get the best in love, be blessed and be a blessing.

The abduction of Peace


Africa is the best place and continent to be in, most of us would agree, a holiday in a sunny African country may be the best that everyone wants once in a while, this however has become a problem than an adventure. Peace has become so much threatened in some parts of our beautiful African continent, extremist have like Russia extended their federations to Africa and there is a small bug that is just ruling the land of Nigeria, this bug of extremists is called Boko Haram, they are ruthless and they do not leave girls behind. Eight more girls have been reported to have been abducted in Northern Nigeria, this is just the abduction of peace, UN and the world till when will we sit and watch peace being abducted in such a manner, let our vision for peace never be swayed by these insurgents, peace is a must and Nigeria has to be helped combat this bug of extremists.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on Eight more Nigeria girls abducted 06/05/14

Evidence of Success


A thought is the best mechanism for success, there is no better tool that one needs in success than their thought, yes you need an opportunity but your thought creates that opportunity. A lot of us businessmen/women and entrepreneurs have forgotten to think, thinking is the best ever tool that you have, our businesses are no longer performing like they used to. The solution to your problem is your thought, what have you thought of in the past four years when you have seen what your business could have been in those four years, one men once told me that a men without a vision is just like a blind men wishing one day he will see, then if you ask them what will they do when they have their sight back, they simply say we will cross the bridge when we get to it. Now your vision is your thought and it is the evidence of your success, i have this medicine today to give to you when you feel a bit poor, take these three tablets, P.V.D, Preparation, Vision and Dedication that is just evidence of success right there there is nothing that you can not do with those three tablets in your heard, they will cure your poor mentality and keep you in perfect success.

Love with no Boundaries


A lot of us are in desperate situations and they come to reflect day in day out, most of the times i have sat down and thought of friends i have, the family i so much love and they do not at all think of me as a lover but a competitor. I have sat down listened to friends and family that are in problems with their relationships, most of them are still single and if they do mingle they get problems. In all my assessments of such people i also found that in most cases i am like them, but the difference with me is i have a beautiful relationship with both my family and those that i love. Now here is what a lot of us have a problem in our relationships, we tend to want perfect relationships and we as a people are searching for right people in wrong places, thus the reason why if you are a lady/woman you are still single but there are so many you have slept with, and the other way round you are a guy/men who is still single and wanting a serious relationship but you have just sexual partners to count. May i just point out one thing in love, if you find your friend both as a male and as female, if you are not comfortable with them hanging around you, then you should just distance yourself from them. I did not say dump them as your friend i said distance yourself, i know of the feeling, we all have such friends that we are uncomfortable with, so this is just the fact, in love friends you hang out with attract what you may not want, so you have to have friends that have the same interest at heart as you, and boom they will take you to places that may find you what you are looking for. The most problem with us as people looking for relationships is that we have boundaries in love, cars, money, looks, and all other silly things that we look for, makes us have sexual partners than lovers. So what are your boundaries and how much have they cost you? Be blessed and be a blessing

Sold Out Peace


Most of the times we pray for peace all over the world, there are songs that i have heard, songs like we pray for peace in Africa, yes there may be accurate and true, but the whole world needs peace and it needs to be prayed for in the world. Today extremists do not only target developed countries, they do target developing ones too, Nigerians are at a stand still as peace begins to be like a show in their eyes, peace has become a commodity and i guess for both Ukraine, Nigeria and Syria the peace process show is a sold out show. It is however that those that are attending at the moment are special delegates from Russia, UN, and Boko Haram Islamist Militant group in Nigeria. I guess Al-Queda is going to be in the next show as these shows are seeming to be a well sold out shows, peace has become just that to the world today, Nigeria has seen the best of these extremists/insurgents as they are called, an Islamist militant group in Nigeria Boko Haram says they are going to sell hundreds of School girls it abducted three weeks ago, i thought slavery was a thing of the past, World over, United Nations and world Leaders has our attention to peace been distracted? where are we focusing? As Putin and his Russia are still running the Show in Ukraine, Islamist militant groups are extending their operation bases to Africa, and Nigeria has been their first port of entry, peace can not be unless everyone that deserves it can afford it.

Edwin Mathe in relations to both BBC articles on Boko Haram to sell abducted girls and Rebels retreating in Sloviansk 05/05/14 

Unpolicing Peace


Ukraine has had a lot to deal with in a few months that has passed, they have had Crimea annexed and few government buildings of their own have been taken by Russia. Russia has a lot to say as they have a lot of threats that they have given to Ukraine, Putin and his thugs have a lot of Ukrainian blood in their hands as peace remains the factor that Ukrainians may still be praying for in months and days to come, Russia have managed further to manipulate the state Police not to do anything when pro-Russian rebels start their invasion. Violence looms in Odessa and police fail by a wide margin to stop such acts, as the Ukrainian interim prime-minister says it is all up to the nations security services to make sure that the citizens and none citizens of Ukraine are protected, UN, EU and world leaders what have we done to make sure there is a lasting solution to this betrayal of peace in Ukraine, what else can we do to restore peace in Ukraine, what can we further do better than sanctions to stop Russia being a bully. Let the world do something today for a lasting peace solution for Ukraine to restore her dignity and Russia respect the actions of the world and Ukraine

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on Ukraine PM blames Odessa Police 04/05/14

Conquering Success


There are a lot of us today that have been waiting for a miracle of success to come their way, may i just say if you are still waiting wait more and do nothing then we will see where your success is going to come from. Success comes from your hard work and the way that you think towards making your life a success, success is about having that thought, the perfect thought, success is about having a conquering thought. If your thought does not conquer your home/your space that you occupy, forget it conquering anything else, someone once said if your dream does not Scare you, it isn’t big enough, so your conquering thought has to be big, it has to move you and it has to scare you as well. I am prepared to go all the way in thinking the unthinkable and achieve the impossible because i believe i have the thought and dream for it, do you?

Resurrection of Peace


There are days that we feel like peace is hopeless, there is no more efforts in what we may have put already, peace is just sitting on the side road and it is getting rusty in the pavement of bullies. Bullies have been allowed to do what they want, they have been allowed to think that they are untouchable, their actions have made them think they are indispensable, its just a matter of time that these actions will be brought to justice, peace has its reigns in Ukraine, Russia what have come up your heads to make life a living hell out of Ukraine, guess your ideas are to get Syria as well and recruit them into your federation. World over, United Nations and EU, it is now or never that such actions will be tolerated and such actions be inspired by bullies, peace has to be resurrected in Ukraine and the Ukrainian people have to live in peace and respect in their own nation.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on Army Action resumes in East Ukraine 03/05/14