Ambition of Love


There are times i just feel like i have to love, and when i do so i feel like i am not getting anything back, there are a lot more of us who feel the same in our relationship, we often feel like we give more in our relationships and receive less. Let me try and be of help to someone today, i personally believe that the ambition of love has to be driven by your understanding of the person you have a relationship with. I have in years tried to understand why i have not had long lasting relationships, the answer i found out was that i have been more selfish than loving, it has always been about me and my feelings not another person’s feelings, ambition of love has to be sharing and patience plays a great role in keeping a relationship together. Most of us are in relationships and we give less time to them, we give less commitment to those relationships, a relationship has to have a driving force, this force has to be ambitious, and that ambition is love that is just as simple as it is, be blessed and be a blessing

Historic Peace


Days have gone by and we have been reminded of the military making lives of people a lot more harder, peace has been taken in the hands of people that do not deserve to have it. Remember Egypt, it looks like there has been a similar incident in Thailand where the army think that the voices of the masses is to be defied and they the generals take charge of the country. So let me ask this question, what is meant by the term coup, i think in my own view it is a violation of the peace law by peace keepers like the army who will have thought that they can be politicians and can rule the country. Despite the army trying to silence Egyptians voting is going on in Cairo and that is the spirit of peace and the people will march, the people will speak, Egypt will get back to the hands of peace and the hands of the masses, UN and the world peace is now, let our conscious rule our minds and our hearts become a solid move towards peace

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on Egypt Votes Amid tight security 26/05/2014

The train of Success


There are a lot of us today who have tried by all means to be in a success train, they try to catch the train, unfortunately as they wait they get on the wrong train/should i say they have been at the wrong station. Most of us are just on finance trains and are thinking how come we are not successful yet, let me say that your mind can not be versed on finance and make finance your success factor, there are a lot of people that have the finances and are not successful in life, they do not know what to use the finances for. So this is what i believe in, first stop for your success is getting your mind geared to think, after you think of an idea then you have purchased your ticket to the right train, the success train, success is about your thought that is good and you know how to implement it. There is nothing today that can beat you to getting on this great success train as your ideas guarantee you other trains, oh should i say your idea is an open ticket to all Success trains, which includes the financial train. I am ready and i am in this train are you carrying the right ticket?

The Vote for Peace


Desperately the world awaits and desperately the world wants to give, Ukraine has gone through a lot in the past few months, she has been subject of bullying, annexing and pro-Russian bullying. Russia has tried by all means to oppose the world in defining the walk of peace for Ukraine, Ukraine needed to break free from chains that tied her to her adversaries, today the people of Ukraine will speak and despite the pro-Russian bullying peace is coming home for Ukrainians. The vote for peace is eminent, let the world sing for joy as Ukraine defies the odds and Vote for peace. World over, United Nations and fellow peace loving citizens of the world peace is now and its Vote is overwhelming in the heart of a crying child, a child who has fought on her own to make her nation be heard, this is a solidarity message for hope and a great aspiration of peace for Ukraine.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on Ukraine Vote in crucial Election 25/05/2014

Stable Success


A lot of the time i sit down and try to figure out how stable am i as a person, i try to figure out how can i become more stable in everything that i do. There are a lot of us today who are trying to make the best out of their businesses and their ideas, there is one great thing that i believe in as a person, stability is not greediness, stability is understanding what you are good at and do it to the best of your ability, that is what i believe stability is. Most of us in businesses can not obtain this character because we have spoilt our hopes in stability and have become more and more greedy, impatient, and more selfish. We can not be stable in our businesses when we allow greed in our businesses, wanting what another business has and you don’t, keeping all brand new ideas to yourself than make them work for the good of the business. I am more of an achiever and giver at the same time, i believe that most of us can become more and more stable in our businesses and ideas when we do not allow such factors as greed and selfishness, let us all become more stable in our success and let us all build success in everything that we do, this is simply stable success, i know you have it somewhere in you, i have

The Crackdown of Peace


We live in a world that evolves day after day, we are governed now by our fears than our morals in life, the world turns its right chick away from peace only to be slapped harder by wars and conflicts. Humanity is tired of fighting and humanity is nearly giving up on issues that pertain peace, peace is an unsaid word, it is a word that does not mean anything to the world now, if it did then how on earth has Thailand fallen in the hands of the military? World over our peaceful means of making peace the word that is more sweet and suitable to all nations begins with the crackdown of all the bullies and people that oppose the way of peace. Peace has to manifest itself within humanity and humanity find it as appropriate to engage itself in all peace negotiation processes in the world, thus peace being certain within human race.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on Thai Military begin crackdown 24/05/14 

Freedom of Peace


This blog starts today with the sad news though we may not want to rule out that its as bad as it seems, we therefore extend our sincere tributes to the 239 Malaysian M370 Flight that is still missing. This blog would like to honor men and women in that plan, relatives and friends, all the civil aviation authorities involved in the search for the plane, the governments involved in the search and all the world at large that have given their message of hope and solidarity to the 239 on board M370 B777 family, we are with all these in offering our gratitude and a message of hope for the plane to be found in one peace and those in the plane safe. To the attention of the freedom to peace today, there is such a boost in humanity today as Syria develops a spirit of making progress towards its peace process. We understand today that there are nuns that have been taken captive in the whole Syrian saga that have today been released back to their Damascus base. This signifies the greater strength of freedom towards Syria and its efforts to curve peace at all costs, without the loss of life, UN and the world let this action be an plausible action to make Syria geared up for the best in peace.

Edwin Mathe in relations to both BBC articles on the missing Malaysian jet a mystery and the Syrian rebels releasing nuns from a Greek Orthodox church 10/03/14