Value of Success


There are things one have tried and seem so hard to achieve, some that you have dream of and still there are so hard to achieve, there are ideas that you have so hard worked to get off the ground and still its hard to achieve. May I just simply say how much of value is what you are trying to set off, I mean how much value do you put on that idea that you have, how much value do you put on that dream that you are pursuing? Most of us are pursuing dreams and we do not know how much they are worth, we just pursue them for the sake of pleasing friends, thus the reason why we end up having our friends living our own dreams and in our own ideas. The value of success is based on how much you value your idea,your dream, your business vision, its all about you valuing then that will show how much success you value in whatever you do. I so much value my ideas and dreams, I know they are taking me to a place that is more comfortable than the one I am at right now, anyone with me?


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