A seed of Love


There is a lot of us in relationships, and such relationships are just what we solemnly wanted, people get to fight so hard to get the relationship they so wish for, a lot of us are in relationships which are more decoration than adoration. Today relationships are treated as achievement than a lifestyle, we have got people that we talk to about what relationships we want, we even now have advice on how beautiful one has to be/how handsome one has to be to get the most glamorous relationship. May i just help someone who is still in that illusion, there is a simple thing that one has to be in a relationship for, it is to love and care not to get and show, she is not a trophy that your friends got to hail you for. Woman he is not your trophy to show to your girlfriends, he is human he wants to be loved than shown around/paraded like a trophy, more of us have forgotten to love in our relationships thus when it becomes more tough we are stressed and the best way is quitting, we have more quitters than lovers. The seed of love is all about loving no matter how one one looks, how they irritate you, they are just in your life for a reason, be blessed and be a blessing


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