The Comfort of Love


My life feels like one of a lonely man, there is no one close to talk to, my world i try to create is misconceived, there is no ambition anymore to love, as i love i am re-payed with just heartache, tell me of a world that i can build what is right for me. This is a poem that most of us are singing in our relationships, we re-cite this poem over and over again, it may not be the exact words, but the meaning is the same. Most of us in our relationships suffer the pain of loving, the pain of giving the best in our relationships. May i just help someone today the comfort of love is loving to the best of your ability no matter when you feel your back is pushed against the wall, Love has no negativity in it so shall be your attitude in your relationship. Always have this positive attitude give more, love more, forgive more, even those things that do not make you the best and do not define your true self forgive for those. May we all find this comfort of Love and just build our successful relationships, remember a healthy relationship is hard work, be blessed and be a blessing


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