The Clash of Peace


So much of trouble in this world, it may come not as a surprise that politicians have made this world an unbearable world to live in, politicians have failed to control their prospects of campaigning for the greater cause of peace, instead campaigning for hate and destruction of nations and peace becomes more and more difficult to attain. Ukraine has become that blank book where every politician writes and re-writes their trash and peace becomes nothing in their notes of their political quest, United Nations, EU and world leaders have done all but nothing to help Ukraine get back into her peaceful self, all they have done is impose travel bans to the Russian elite and freeze asserts of these thugs yet it benefits less an ordinary peace loving citizen in the streets. Today there has been clashes between pro-Russian separatist and Ukrainian citizens over the control of the Donetsk Airport, this is a mess, there is no Puttin and his hierarchy on the streets, yet their influence is forcing people to fight, let the world tackle this clash of peace, peace has to be for Ukraine and there has to be a lasting solution in the Ukrainian issue. Its now or never that our young generation will eat of the freshest fruits of our negotiations for peace, this is the best in light for our better world.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on Ukraine airport clash kills dozens 27/05/2014


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