Historic Peace


Days have gone by and we have been reminded of the military making lives of people a lot more harder, peace has been taken in the hands of people that do not deserve to have it. Remember Egypt, it looks like there has been a similar incident in Thailand where the army think that the voices of the masses is to be defied and they the generals take charge of the country. So let me ask this question, what is meant by the term coup, i think in my own view it is a violation of the peace law by peace keepers like the army who will have thought that they can be politicians and can rule the country. Despite the army trying to silence Egyptians voting is going on in Cairo and that is the spirit of peace and the people will march, the people will speak, Egypt will get back to the hands of peace and the hands of the masses, UN and the world peace is now, let our conscious rule our minds and our hearts become a solid move towards peace

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on Egypt Votes Amid tight security 26/05/2014


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