Ambition of Love


There are times i just feel like i have to love, and when i do so i feel like i am not getting anything back, there are a lot more of us who feel the same in our relationship, we often feel like we give more in our relationships and receive less. Let me try and be of help to someone today, i personally believe that the ambition of love has to be driven by your understanding of the person you have a relationship with. I have in years tried to understand why i have not had long lasting relationships, the answer i found out was that i have been more selfish than loving, it has always been about me and my feelings not another person’s feelings, ambition of love has to be sharing and patience plays a great role in keeping a relationship together. Most of us are in relationships and we give less time to them, we give less commitment to those relationships, a relationship has to have a driving force, this force has to be ambitious, and that ambition is love that is just as simple as it is, be blessed and be a blessing


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