The Vote for Peace


Desperately the world awaits and desperately the world wants to give, Ukraine has gone through a lot in the past few months, she has been subject of bullying, annexing and pro-Russian bullying. Russia has tried by all means to oppose the world in defining the walk of peace for Ukraine, Ukraine needed to break free from chains that tied her to her adversaries, today the people of Ukraine will speak and despite the pro-Russian bullying peace is coming home for Ukrainians. The vote for peace is eminent, let the world sing for joy as Ukraine defies the odds and Vote for peace. World over, United Nations and fellow peace loving citizens of the world peace is now and its Vote is overwhelming in the heart of a crying child, a child who has fought on her own to make her nation be heard, this is a solidarity message for hope and a great aspiration of peace for Ukraine.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on Ukraine Vote in crucial Election 25/05/2014


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