The Crackdown of Peace


We live in a world that evolves day after day, we are governed now by our fears than our morals in life, the world turns its right chick away from peace only to be slapped harder by wars and conflicts. Humanity is tired of fighting and humanity is nearly giving up on issues that pertain peace, peace is an unsaid word, it is a word that does not mean anything to the world now, if it did then how on earth has Thailand fallen in the hands of the military? World over our peaceful means of making peace the word that is more sweet and suitable to all nations begins with the crackdown of all the bullies and people that oppose the way of peace. Peace has to manifest itself within humanity and humanity find it as appropriate to engage itself in all peace negotiation processes in the world, thus peace being certain within human race.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on Thai Military begin crackdown 24/05/14 


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