Freedom of Peace


This blog starts today with the sad news though we may not want to rule out that its as bad as it seems, we therefore extend our sincere tributes to the 239 Malaysian M370 Flight that is still missing. This blog would like to honor men and women in that plan, relatives and friends, all the civil aviation authorities involved in the search for the plane, the governments involved in the search and all the world at large that have given their message of hope and solidarity to the 239 on board M370 B777 family, we are with all these in offering our gratitude and a message of hope for the plane to be found in one peace and those in the plane safe. To the attention of the freedom to peace today, there is such a boost in humanity today as Syria develops a spirit of making progress towards its peace process. We understand today that there are nuns that have been taken captive in the whole Syrian saga that have today been released back to their Damascus base. This signifies the greater strength of freedom towards Syria and its efforts to curve peace at all costs, without the loss of life, UN and the world let this action be an plausible action to make Syria geared up for the best in peace.

Edwin Mathe in relations to both BBC articles on the missing Malaysian jet a mystery and the Syrian rebels releasing nuns from a Greek Orthodox church 10/03/14


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