Self rule of Peace


Peace is seemingly a best bait for most nations, they trade peace for riches, there is a lot of pain in the peace negotiating process, humanity have become more intercepting to peace, they have made peace a more difficult notion for the innocent. Russia has become a pain to Ukraine, they have threatened to military attack Ukraine, which they have done, threatened to seize government buildings and off course they did, all this in the quest of Russia owning half if not all of Ukraine. Despite Putin trying to be a good guy to the world his thugs have got the grip of the pie and they smell power thus why they have got pro-Russian citizens living in two eastern regions of Ukraine today to hold a referendum vote for self rule, World over how on earth does this happen right in our nose, should Russia be in its continued threat to peace on Ukraine? let our minds and efforts solidify our act on peace so Ukraine does get the privileges of peace.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article Ukraine rebels hold self rule vote 11/05/14 


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