The Agreement of Peace


Our force in the world has become in the way of peace, how peace builds up is the formality of unity within nations. One man said “Peace is a like a long journey that has obstacles, you do not return but continue even though there are obstacles on the way, that is the best way to achieve peace” . On a true sense this man sees where the world is going, and peace seems to be the most difficult journey to travel in, it is however that the people that have traveled this hard journey have trailed in its obstacles. Today we are just in the verge of rejoicing with South Sudan as the President Salva Kii and the rebel leader Riek Machar came to a peace deal for this beautiful nation. On the other hand peace looks like a dream for Ukrainians as Russia feels threatened by what Ukrainians want to do through the ballot, it is a more painful journey to peace as Boko Haram continue their salvage on over 300 girls they have abducted in Nigeria. It is a more pathetic way for this organized terror group that the world need to deal with, an agreement for peace is closer, we are a people travelling on this hard journey, however it is that we suffer at the end of it all an agreement of peace has to manifest itself and our generations will be honored through this act of peace and sacrifice.

Edwin Mathe in relations to three BBC articles on US first lady condemns Nigeria Kidnaps, South Sudan rivals agree on a peace deal and Russia threatened over Ukraine polls 10/05/14


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