Trusting Love


There is a place that i want to get to, it is not clear how ill get there, but i have someone that wants to get there with me, they also have got no clues as to how both of us can get there. We both combine forces to try and map out a way to get to this beautiful place that both of us crave to get to, both of us form an alliance, this alliance is called a relationship. Most of us today are in relationships and we all start with a beautiful vision to make our relationships work, it is however that trust is an issue to all of us that want/are in relationships, we are in relationships where trust seems to be that extinct animal that when you find it good Lord what a treasure it is to have. Trust on the other hand my friends is love, that is the reason why if you have a house and you give someone the keys to it, it means that you do love and trust that person. Relationships today are like someone that has bought themselves a house and it belongs to them yet the estate agent still holds the keys, this i mean that we fall in love and keep ourselves to ourselves, the past is often the matter in most of our relationships, why on earth are you in a relationship if you can not let go of the old heartbreak? well guess one understands where i am coming from, let us all have trust in love and believe that we are champions all the time in our relationships, it may not look exciting but you can make it exciting by just trusting in love. Be blessed and be a blessing


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