Backbone of Peace


No matter how we try by all means to resist the best in peace, peace is always the stronger notion that humanity lives and breathes, despite wars and conflicts against humans to humans a lasting solution still stands and that solution may not be far fetched from reality of peace. I am personally in owe and in respect of the notion of peace, hence standing with organizations that are in accord with humanitarian protection and peace worldwide. Boko Haram in Nigeria will be defeated, it may not take long or it may take long the best in peace will prevail, Rebels in Syria have left their tight hold grip of Homs, this is a way towards peace and setting a backbone of peace. Russia as a bully as it seems has finally endorsed the elections in Ukraine as they say that it is a step towards the right direction, today this seems an act of greatness, however a close eye need to be open with Russia as there is nothing that sounds peaceful when Russia is involved, especially when it involves Ukraine. UN, EU and world leaders it is time that peace be the backbone of our world that defines our existence.

Edwin Mathe in relations to three BBC articles on Putin backs Ukraine election, Syria rebels evacuating Homs and Nigeria reward to find School girls 07/05/14


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