The abduction of Peace


Africa is the best place and continent to be in, most of us would agree, a holiday in a sunny African country may be the best that everyone wants once in a while, this however has become a problem than an adventure. Peace has become so much threatened in some parts of our beautiful African continent, extremist have like Russia extended their federations to Africa and there is a small bug that is just ruling the land of Nigeria, this bug of extremists is called Boko Haram, they are ruthless and they do not leave girls behind. Eight more girls have been reported to have been abducted in Northern Nigeria, this is just the abduction of peace, UN and the world till when will we sit and watch peace being abducted in such a manner, let our vision for peace never be swayed by these insurgents, peace is a must and Nigeria has to be helped combat this bug of extremists.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on Eight more Nigeria girls abducted 06/05/14


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