Abiding Love


A lot of us are in relationships that we are not even sure what to expect from them, most of us want to be loved, cared for and given attention, i guess we all want to have such. As we all hope for the best in our relationships it is just surprising that where we are as a people we do not represent what we say we want in relationships. I have friends that have asked me questions as a men, these are questions i get, what is it that men want? this is the point of view from women who are concerned about being single but still searching for the right men out there. Now here is the answer to most of you women out there, ill try by all means to address this in as much calmer way as i can, women first your looks need not to reflect what men will de-value, this i mean your make up application does not have to reflect a hooker/prostitute, this is the truth that no one will tell you guys, you may think that you are doing great with your eye lashes and stuff, your make up and all those things you think will make you beautiful, men are not looking for barbie they are looking for a wife, so your looks have to portray that. Now to men i just am surprised that most men think a club is where you find a woman to merry, im sorry dude that is the reason why you are still single and no one is suitable for you. Well let me just say let us all work on our love that abides and we all know where to position ourselves to get the best in love, be blessed and be a blessing.


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