Sold Out Peace


Most of the times we pray for peace all over the world, there are songs that i have heard, songs like we pray for peace in Africa, yes there may be accurate and true, but the whole world needs peace and it needs to be prayed for in the world. Today extremists do not only target developed countries, they do target developing ones too, Nigerians are at a stand still as peace begins to be like a show in their eyes, peace has become a commodity and i guess for both Ukraine, Nigeria and Syria the peace process show is a sold out show. It is however that those that are attending at the moment are special delegates from Russia, UN, and Boko Haram Islamist Militant group in Nigeria. I guess Al-Queda is going to be in the next show as these shows are seeming to be a well sold out shows, peace has become just that to the world today, Nigeria has seen the best of these extremists/insurgents as they are called, an Islamist militant group in Nigeria Boko Haram says they are going to sell hundreds of School girls it abducted three weeks ago, i thought slavery was a thing of the past, World over, United Nations and world Leaders has our attention to peace been distracted? where are we focusing? As Putin and his Russia are still running the Show in Ukraine, Islamist militant groups are extending their operation bases to Africa, and Nigeria has been their first port of entry, peace can not be unless everyone that deserves it can afford it.

Edwin Mathe in relations to both BBC articles on Boko Haram to sell abducted girls and Rebels retreating in Sloviansk 05/05/14 


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