Love with no Boundaries


A lot of us are in desperate situations and they come to reflect day in day out, most of the times i have sat down and thought of friends i have, the family i so much love and they do not at all think of me as a lover but a competitor. I have sat down listened to friends and family that are in problems with their relationships, most of them are still single and if they do mingle they get problems. In all my assessments of such people i also found that in most cases i am like them, but the difference with me is i have a beautiful relationship with both my family and those that i love. Now here is what a lot of us have a problem in our relationships, we tend to want perfect relationships and we as a people are searching for right people in wrong places, thus the reason why if you are a lady/woman you are still single but there are so many you have slept with, and the other way round you are a guy/men who is still single and wanting a serious relationship but you have just sexual partners to count. May i just point out one thing in love, if you find your friend both as a male and as female, if you are not comfortable with them hanging around you, then you should just distance yourself from them. I did not say dump them as your friend i said distance yourself, i know of the feeling, we all have such friends that we are uncomfortable with, so this is just the fact, in love friends you hang out with attract what you may not want, so you have to have friends that have the same interest at heart as you, and boom they will take you to places that may find you what you are looking for. The most problem with us as people looking for relationships is that we have boundaries in love, cars, money, looks, and all other silly things that we look for, makes us have sexual partners than lovers. So what are your boundaries and how much have they cost you? Be blessed and be a blessing


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