Unpolicing Peace


Ukraine has had a lot to deal with in a few months that has passed, they have had Crimea annexed and few government buildings of their own have been taken by Russia. Russia has a lot to say as they have a lot of threats that they have given to Ukraine, Putin and his thugs have a lot of Ukrainian blood in their hands as peace remains the factor that Ukrainians may still be praying for in months and days to come, Russia have managed further to manipulate the state Police not to do anything when pro-Russian rebels start their invasion. Violence looms in Odessa and police fail by a wide margin to stop such acts, as the Ukrainian interim prime-minister says it is all up to the nations security services to make sure that the citizens and none citizens of Ukraine are protected, UN, EU and world leaders what have we done to make sure there is a lasting solution to this betrayal of peace in Ukraine, what else can we do to restore peace in Ukraine, what can we further do better than sanctions to stop Russia being a bully. Let the world do something today for a lasting peace solution for Ukraine to restore her dignity and Russia respect the actions of the world and Ukraine

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on Ukraine PM blames Odessa Police 04/05/14


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