Resurrection of Peace


There are days that we feel like peace is hopeless, there is no more efforts in what we may have put already, peace is just sitting on the side road and it is getting rusty in the pavement of bullies. Bullies have been allowed to do what they want, they have been allowed to think that they are untouchable, their actions have made them think they are indispensable, its just a matter of time that these actions will be brought to justice, peace has its reigns in Ukraine, Russia what have come up your heads to make life a living hell out of Ukraine, guess your ideas are to get Syria as well and recruit them into your federation. World over, United Nations and EU, it is now or never that such actions will be tolerated and such actions be inspired by bullies, peace has to be resurrected in Ukraine and the Ukrainian people have to live in peace and respect in their own nation.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on Army Action resumes in East Ukraine 03/05/14 


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