The loss of Peace


Despite the world watching and the world doing the best to stop what it can, the best the world has done is just seeming not enough to move those that are perpetrators of violence in Ukraine and Nigeria. Peace is at a loss today as we mourn one of the pilots that was dedicated in seeing his country re-gain its freedom, re-gain its country and pride back, a pilot that died in the hands of Russia. EU,UN and the world how long can we sit and watch the loss of life and peace being a far distant journey that we want to travel, How about the 19 that died in Nigerian capital Abuja, it is my concern that extremists like Russia and the rest of these inhuman blood thirsty bullies, if not dealt with, this world is loosing its battle on peace, peace is the concrete block and sooner or later the people shall govern and the people shall win this battle on peace.

Edwin Mathe in relations to both BBC articles on Ukraine pilot killed in anti-rebel operation and Car bomb rocks Nigeria’s Capital 02/05/2014


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