The best on Love


There are things that we often overlook in life, our relationships always suffer and crumble because of simple things we do not want to talk about, our relationships today suffer because we are just overlooking things that may build us up and they can be the best that we have in our relationships. So many times we have our relationships sugar coated in rotten apples and we continue day in day out keeping that sugar coating going on and on instead of us removing the rotten apples and replace them with fresh ones, this i mean a lot of us avoid talking about what bothers us in our relationships and choose to keep pretending everything is great and keep saying those sweet words that do not mean what you say. May i just help someone today just stop and address what bothers you and her/his beauty will not change but will build your relationship much more and it will grow stronger, that is just the best in love don’t be silent talk and have a conversation, be blessed and be a blessing


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