Simple Love


There is a story i feel so much i want to tell, this story however makes me shiver, it brings chills in my spine, it is a story i tell always, but this time when i am about to tell it i just get all these feelings. This is just how a lot of us are in our relationships today, our relationships are just full of those moments that keep scaring us about the person that we are with, this is all because a lot of us enter into relationships with too much expectation then when we are in it, its a whole different game all together. Most of us approach a relationship as though they are approaching a sentence, may i just help someone today, love is just simple, just learn to give, forgive, master what you are good at and just be yourself as you are yourself when you are alone. Most of us forget to be that person that we are in the shower, that we are at work, that we are when we are planing our own thing, we forget to be that person when it comes to relationships. Most of us become the person that we are not when we begin relationships that is why at all times we will feel victimized and feel like our relationships are not what we bargained for, trust me i have learnt this the hard way and i have to give it back to someone the way it is, just be yourself. Love is just that simple there is no other thing that can help you get better and better in love than just living it simple, be blessed and be a blessing


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