Aspired Love


Relationships may be a daunting task at times, either families or just a relationships with your husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, it all comes to that hard task of understanding each other as humanity. In families there are a lot of troubles that we face, we may have people in our families acting the way we may think is not appropriate, it is such a hard thing to believe in families at times. Most of our relationships aspire the grand thing, they aspire that touch, the greatest of them all they aspire love, love in our relationships have dried up, either our families have got worse as we grow/that relationship that began with a bang has lost its flavor. May i just help someone on here the aspiration of love is just not enough, there has to be action in whatever we do most of us in relationships today have lost hope in what we have, we have lost hope that love is a reality and think of it as a dream. We have to give and start afresh in the forgiving bid, we have to get into gear of knowing how to speak those positive things towards one another and that my friends will change our love aspirations to reality, your relationship will have a boost just from those simple things that we often overlook, be blessed and be a blessing


New Threat to Peace


It is a lot that we deal with as humanity and at times its just unbearable, as the world today may look at the events in Ukraine and Russia closely, there is only one thing that the world may wish. What the world may wish at the moment is that when is this whole thing going to end, as every single day there seem to be a new development on the issue. Yesterday it was Ukraine being blamed for breaching the Geneva agreement, today it is just what Russia does best as they give the world another threat of attack to this beautiful Ukrainian country. UN, EU and world leaders my question is how long is it that we fold our arms and let Russia detect the pace of peace in Ukraine? how long is it going to be that the sovereignty of Ukraine gets insulted by Russia in our eyes?. May the world and the EU, as well as United Nations do something before all of the remaining pie goes to the Federation and Ukraine will remain always in threat, peace need to be now in Ukraine or Russia will get out of hand.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on Russia in new Ukraine attack threat 23/04/14 

Power of success


There are many forces in life that come into play when it comes to success, there are a lot of things that have been said about how people can be more successful. Some are yet to work and some are indeed working, some things are just unbelievable, some just are out of the ordinary, it is just how you as a person get the view of success. Today i am just here to motivate you as a person, success is the brain that keeps you in control of what you dream of, most of us have squandered chances of having control as they dream and not follow their dreams, they think and do not follow their ideas, so now what is it going to be? when you are dedicated to success then this is just the power of success your thought and your power to control your dreams and ideas.

Love like a Flower


Today i stand and adore the beauty of life and i am so amazed at how much love is being wasted out there, it is so touching that most of us today start relationships and we abandon them along the way. Most of us today have forgotten that love is like a flower it has to be nurtured and cared for, love has to be watered with beautiful words, giving and forgiving. Our relationships could not be better if we look at our love that we give as a flower that will indeed give us as a people a sigh of relief and save our lost love. Be blessed and be a blessing

Action on Peace


Despite our efforts of making peace a resolution it is a blame game/games that are taking the center stage of peace. Humanity have forgotten what peace means and have adopted the structures of talking and no resolution structures, today Russia keeps talking about things going wrong in Ukraine, yet they are the ones that make things more unbearable for the Ukrainians. First of all if Putin and his thugs never started their en-axing of Crimea then today we will be talking about a peaceful Ukraine, Russia stop your talk start removing your thugs out of Ukraine then and then we can start looking at what you are saying until then UN, EU and wold leaders have given Putin and his pretty boy thugs an ultimatum, get out of Ukraine let Ukrainians deal with their problems Russia do not be a problem for Ukraine please be a solution.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on US urges Russia action on Ukraine 22/04/14

Determined Success


A lot of times things do not work the way that we may think that they should, we have had beliefs that keep us in the ways that we think progress us. Culture has played a lot in the way most people behave, it is however that also culture plays a significant role on how much of success one has to have. I come from a nation that is not only economically frail but also culturally unbalanced, this i mean the wealth of the people is characterized by their culture. Where i come from being a certain tribe makes you successful before you even do anything. May i just be of help to someone, maybe like me you are from that tribe that is regarded as not a successful tribe, may i just introduce to you a tribe that makes you successful despite what other tribes think of you. This tribe is called determination to succeed, most of us do not get to where we want to be because of not being determined enough to push on, success has no tribe and it is just your determination that can bring you your success, from now on and other days coming i believe you are now adopted in this determined success tribe and you are making those ideas and dreams come to life. Do you believe in this? i do and i know you can do it too.

Living Love


There are a lot of us today who are in one problem or the other in our relationships, most of our relationships are dead and they need to be given life again. There are a lot of times that we as a people forget that words that we speak towards each other as couples, as families or as friends, we forget that words make the spine of our relationships. A lot of us do not know how to address those that we love, we believe that there is no point in saying sweet words to either a brother/sister, girlfriend/boyfriend, husband/wife. We often think, they are here anywhere they are not going anywhere. May i just help someone today, watch what you says and make note of what we joke about, mostly in jokes that is where our relationships break down. Living love gives the best in a language that we as a people have to be understanding and believing in, i believe that from now on we are going to keep love alive in our relationships, be blessed and be a blessing

Breaking the Peace accord


Truly the world has to rejoice as we at wish you all a very pleasant and blessed Easter, we rejoice on a Monday with all peace loving citizens of the world at the greatest holiday that makes the world stand still as it is Easter. We also mourn the death of teenagers that sank in the ferry in south Korea, we send our condolences and prayers to families that are grieving. On the message of today, Russia has continued to be a bully it is aspiring to be, as they have accused Ukraine of the breach of the peace accord that was agreed upon in Geneva, may i just point out that, why is it that Russia becomes the one to find faults on Ukraine yet they are the ones with the military presence in Ukraine, they are the ones to vacate the buildings they have seized, so why are they blaming Ukraine. UN, EU and world leaders may this issue be treated with the most delicate eyes as Russia has its sights on wanting the world play along with their federation, this to my eyes is Russia breaking the peace accord and, blaming it on Ukraine

Edwin Mathe in relations to both BBC articles on Ferry deaths murder Korea Leader and Russia says Kieve breaking accord 21/04/14

Unsolicited peace


There are things that we all have to take in, there are things that we as humanity should indeed not tolerate, humanity has suffered both in confidence and in emotions. Ukraine has been made a playground of bully advertising board for Russia, it looks like Russia never values the sovereignty of Ukraine and are doing what they want when they want. First it was Crimea, then other buildings in the East of Ukraine seized then it continues again and again, today there are pro-Russian thugs who have seized a police station right in the city of Sloviansk UN, EU and world leaders don’t you think Russia has gone so far in disrespecting the aspect of peace, they have gone so far in disrespecting Ukraine and Ukraine is not capable to deal with Russia alone let us as humanity do something to stop this unsolicited peace breach that Russia has given themselves the boost to do as they will in Ukraine.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article gunmen seize Ukraine police station 12/04/14 

Success moment


A lot of us today are in businesses that we are afraid to keep our eyes off, this is because we have built our businesses and ideas on panic. Most of us have lost just what it takes to enjoy our ideas, here is what i do not understand, people often begin things and in the middle of the storm they take them seriously and the more they do this the more the business/idea crumbles. So what i do not understand on here is why do you start something that is stressing you? you can not just enter in a danger zone knowingly, now what i am trying to say here is that your idea/business have to be based in what you as a person enjoy. Success moments are began by just one moment that you as a person thinking and investing your time, you are investing all these resources into what you personally enjoy, there is no other moment in success that can be best than this, doing and following what you as a person loves and enjoy. Remember you have to have love for what you want to invest in, most of us have this belief that business is a risk, i beg to differ, business is not a risk it is investment of time to a loved thing that is why it has to be successful at all costs, this is just my taste of a success moment and i am developing more moments like this, anyone feeling what i am feeling?