Rebellion of Peace


My deepest condolences to the late teacher of a School in Leeds United Kingdom, who was stabbed by a student in class, it is to this blog that it also gets to the hearts of those that are mourning and those that are vulnerable. Peace have been rebelled and children have become more beasts, than our adorable young blessings. Schools are an institution for young people to get better in life, to be taught great disciplines of life, to the family of Anne the teacher that passed on we do send our condolences and our prayers are with the family that has been left behind. Today we are talking about the rebellion of Peace, Russia seems to not be able to control its thugs in Ukraine, could the world be more cautious on how they deal with Russia, EU and world leaders the power of bringing peace back to Ukrainians is in our hands, therefore let us exercise the right to do so for the future generations to enjoy the best in peace in Ukraine. UN what on earth is going on in Syria? i am such touched by what role the UN has played in Syria, they are the ones that have put Syrians in danger, all the name calling and blaming one another than solving the problem that Syria has. MR Ibrahim, as the Envoy for Peace in Syria, this may say something about you and the UN in Syria as there has been explosions reported in the city of Homs and 37 people are among the UN’s carelessness way in Syria adding to the number of casualties in this mess. Peace needs to be taken back to Syrians and to Ukrainians, world over we can not watch another Holocaust happening let peace reign in Syria, let it reign in Ukraine.

Edwin Mathe in relations to three BBC articles on Syria blast kills dozens in Homs, Stabbed teacher was due to retire and Rebels seize regional Ukraine HQ 29/04/2014 


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