Everlasting love


Love has become like a game, it ends when one has the tactic of ending it, relationships have become battle zones where causalities are left with scars and wounds because of this game. One person once told me that perfect love does not leave behind scars, it does not leave behind wounds, it is however that most of us today have relationships that leave us with wounds and scars because some of our relationships we have are not in love. Relationships today are based on material things than the true value of love, most of us enter into relationships because we want what he/she has/what he/she has makes me look better among my friends/family, pride has taken over love. Everlasting love is based on loving the person for who they are, the way they are, the way they act and talk, the way they annoy you as a person, this today is what most relationships lake. May i say that all of us as people are working progress and we are all striving for this everlasting love, therefore if we all learn to love people for who they are and not what they have, this is just everlasting love and i crave for this in my relationship i believe you do too, be blessed and be a blessing


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