The cost of Peace


There are times that life begins to be a scare, it begins to be more than interesting and it is also beginning to have a lot of surprises. Humanity has been hanged for treason, peace is getting rusty in the hands of the oppressors, the world is watching massacres and deadly weapons fired at civilians and the only thing that the world peace body can say is that we are doing all that we can to make it right. UN and the world can somebody help the UN recognize that their mess in Syria is getting out of hand, may i just say the Envoy for Syria has failed that country dismally Mr Lakhdar Brahim you have failed as a person to represent the views of what the UN stands for, UN stands for peace and Syria is not an exception. What happened to you negotiating for peace? Yes it is happening again in Aleppo barrel bombs are just spiraling like a hit song as the world thought Syria’s problem had been solved. UN and world leaders let the situation in Syria be addressed before it costs the world and Syria valuable peace.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on Aleppo gripped by barrel bomb fears 28/04/14


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