Destabilization of Peace


When Peace calls no one is at home, when peace leaves everyone is asking the question where peace has gone. Humanity has lost its touch on issues that matter, humanity has lost it touch on peace, peace has become like an extinct animal only found in countries where people protect it to the core. There are a lot of things now that Russia does that seem a bit out of the line, they have abducted, seized buildings and taken Crimea from the Ukrainians, despite what the world says and does, it looks like Russia is like a spoilt child who wants to do what he/she wants. Russia have destabilized peace worldwide as the UN, EU and world leaders try by all means to be as diplomatic as possible to help Ukraine out of Russian hands. As the US urges Russia to help free the European military observers that have been held hostage in Ukrainian east of the country Sloviansk, this is a bit more unacceptable to all peace loving nationalities throughout the world, Russia its now or never that peace be as destabilized in your hands. World over and the UN do something before it is too late, do something before Ukraine loose more than her sovereignty but also loose more other citizens in Russia’s quest for power.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article Kerry urges Russia to help Observers 27/04/14


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