Love like the wind


There is so much that we go through as a people, humanity have a great sense in love, it is however that love becomes the most difficult sense to have in most relationships. Here is something that really amazes me, love is for free but it is most stressful than a £500.000 car/business the reason is that most of us today treat our relationships as police camps. We are too serious about things that do not amount to anything in our relationships, i personally am too serious about being cared for and having someone always on my sight, as everyone else i think this is the way i am meant to be loved. I have learnt the hard way and now i have relaxed and let my love life flow like the wind, i am free and i believe that if most of us just have to enjoy the best in people that we have in our lives, either family or our spouses/girlfriends/boyfriends if we learn to overlook some of these things and remember that we are not all perfect, we are all working progress. Love is like a wind it just needs to flow so why don’t you let your relationship be the starting point, be blessed and be a blessing


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