Definition of Success


Most of the times we are taken so far by what we as people can achieve in our lives, we have had a definition of success in different visions, some have believed that money, jewelry, houses and cars define how successful one is, maybe it does but i guess most of the successful people may agree with me in this, success is about doing the best that you know of and can do best. If what you do is what you know and believe in then you are also rated among the most successful people, look at the likes of Facebook owners, Bill Gates, Sir Richard Bronson all these are successful people but their success is not defined by what they have but what they did best to acquire what they have. So guess the definition of success is based on how you look at it, however my definition of success is doing the best in what you surely know of and believe in it, that dream, that thought you are just so good at it so why try getting money instead of pursuing that dream and idea to get you the money that you need. This is just the beginning of my definition of success and i am prepared to continue in the best form and shape of doing what i do best that is to inspire you and you to the best success that you can have and that is just believing in what you do best


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