Consequences of Peace


Peace is vital, peace is inevitable, peace is a noble crown that has to be achieved, who among humanity have the thought of peace. The world has been waiting for something strong, something that would cure the heartaches of families that have lost their loved ones in Kiev. The world has been looking for a solution for Ukraine while there is one poison just across the road, Russia has proved to be a thorn in the flesh where peace is concerned. Are these the years where i am reminded of Hitler and his Germany? are these the years that reminds me of the west and the world fighting for a piece of land in the African region. It is such a pain that those years within us as humanity have ended but for Ukraine, the fight for their right to be a peaceful nation goes on. World over do we have eyes that see? do we have ears that are so sharp to hear the sound, this is a sound of a child crying in Syria, a mother crying for his lost son in Kiev fighting for the rights of their nation, is the world watching another invasion of Ukraine and another war in religion going on in Syria? Consequences of peace do not have to come with blood shed neither can our young generation be enticed into dying for a cause they do not know. Russia why do you add salt into open wounds of Ukrainians haven’t you quenched your thirst of power, stop the invasion of Ukraine take your thugs out of Sloviansk let Ukraine heal her wounds of losing Crimea to you, EU, UN and world leaders this is a song that i sing in desperate agony for peace.

Edwin Mathe in relations to both BBC articles on Police making a plea to UK women who have their sons/husbands going to Syria to fight the Asad government and Ukraine Move sparks Russia response 24/04/14 


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