New Threat to Peace


It is a lot that we deal with as humanity and at times its just unbearable, as the world today may look at the events in Ukraine and Russia closely, there is only one thing that the world may wish. What the world may wish at the moment is that when is this whole thing going to end, as every single day there seem to be a new development on the issue. Yesterday it was Ukraine being blamed for breaching the Geneva agreement, today it is just what Russia does best as they give the world another threat of attack to this beautiful Ukrainian country. UN, EU and world leaders my question is how long is it that we fold our arms and let Russia detect the pace of peace in Ukraine? how long is it going to be that the sovereignty of Ukraine gets insulted by Russia in our eyes?. May the world and the EU, as well as United Nations do something before all of the remaining pie goes to the Federation and Ukraine will remain always in threat, peace need to be now in Ukraine or Russia will get out of hand.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on Russia in new Ukraine attack threat 23/04/14 


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