Action on Peace


Despite our efforts of making peace a resolution it is a blame game/games that are taking the center stage of peace. Humanity have forgotten what peace means and have adopted the structures of talking and no resolution structures, today Russia keeps talking about things going wrong in Ukraine, yet they are the ones that make things more unbearable for the Ukrainians. First of all if Putin and his thugs never started their en-axing of Crimea then today we will be talking about a peaceful Ukraine, Russia stop your talk start removing your thugs out of Ukraine then and then we can start looking at what you are saying until then UN, EU and wold leaders have given Putin and his pretty boy thugs an ultimatum, get out of Ukraine let Ukrainians deal with their problems Russia do not be a problem for Ukraine please be a solution.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on US urges Russia action on Ukraine 22/04/14


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