Living Love


There are a lot of us today who are in one problem or the other in our relationships, most of our relationships are dead and they need to be given life again. There are a lot of times that we as a people forget that words that we speak towards each other as couples, as families or as friends, we forget that words make the spine of our relationships. A lot of us do not know how to address those that we love, we believe that there is no point in saying sweet words to either a brother/sister, girlfriend/boyfriend, husband/wife. We often think, they are here anywhere they are not going anywhere. May i just help someone today, watch what you says and make note of what we joke about, mostly in jokes that is where our relationships break down. Living love gives the best in a language that we as a people have to be understanding and believing in, i believe that from now on we are going to keep love alive in our relationships, be blessed and be a blessing


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