Determined Success


A lot of times things do not work the way that we may think that they should, we have had beliefs that keep us in the ways that we think progress us. Culture has played a lot in the way most people behave, it is however that also culture plays a significant role on how much of success one has to have. I come from a nation that is not only economically frail but also culturally unbalanced, this i mean the wealth of the people is characterized by their culture. Where i come from being a certain tribe makes you successful before you even do anything. May i just be of help to someone, maybe like me you are from that tribe that is regarded as not a successful tribe, may i just introduce to you a tribe that makes you successful despite what other tribes think of you. This tribe is called determination to succeed, most of us do not get to where we want to be because of not being determined enough to push on, success has no tribe and it is just your determination that can bring you your success, from now on and other days coming i believe you are now adopted in this determined success tribe and you are making those ideas and dreams come to life. Do you believe in this? i do and i know you can do it too.


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