Breaking the Peace accord


Truly the world has to rejoice as we at wish you all a very pleasant and blessed Easter, we rejoice on a Monday with all peace loving citizens of the world at the greatest holiday that makes the world stand still as it is Easter. We also mourn the death of teenagers that sank in the ferry in south Korea, we send our condolences and prayers to families that are grieving. On the message of today, Russia has continued to be a bully it is aspiring to be, as they have accused Ukraine of the breach of the peace accord that was agreed upon in Geneva, may i just point out that, why is it that Russia becomes the one to find faults on Ukraine yet they are the ones with the military presence in Ukraine, they are the ones to vacate the buildings they have seized, so why are they blaming Ukraine. UN, EU and world leaders may this issue be treated with the most delicate eyes as Russia has its sights on wanting the world play along with their federation, this to my eyes is Russia breaking the peace accord and, blaming it on Ukraine

Edwin Mathe in relations to both BBC articles on Ferry deaths murder Korea Leader and Russia says Kieve breaking accord 21/04/14


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