Unsolicited peace


There are things that we all have to take in, there are things that we as humanity should indeed not tolerate, humanity has suffered both in confidence and in emotions. Ukraine has been made a playground of bully advertising board for Russia, it looks like Russia never values the sovereignty of Ukraine and are doing what they want when they want. First it was Crimea, then other buildings in the East of Ukraine seized then it continues again and again, today there are pro-Russian thugs who have seized a police station right in the city of Sloviansk UN, EU and world leaders don’t you think Russia has gone so far in disrespecting the aspect of peace, they have gone so far in disrespecting Ukraine and Ukraine is not capable to deal with Russia alone let us as humanity do something to stop this unsolicited peace breach that Russia has given themselves the boost to do as they will in Ukraine.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article gunmen seize Ukraine police station 12/04/14 


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