The Re-take of Peace


Peace is like a song that is yet to be finished, to those that have tested the the song lyrics can say that it is a craft of work. I am so much in owe of what other fellow peace loving citizens of the world are doing right now in restoring peace in the world. I am in owe to all the aviation and all the authorities that are doing a great job in searching for flight MH370, my prayers are with the 239 people’s families who are everyday hoping that their loved ones will one day be found at what state that is yet to be accomplished, however our prayers are for the best. Today is a fresh day as what have been taken away from the Ukrainians have been seized back, Russia no matter what you do, this world can not again get into the years of cold war and this world will not stand watching your bullish acts and your quest for power and grid escalate. UN, EU and world leaders a very job well-done for making sure that the government building that was seized by pro-Russian separates is now back to Ukrainian hands, though it is a long way to go in the east of Ukraine, peace is being restored to Ukraine in every inch, we are a world of peace and at peace we salute, Russia and other bullies just keep your ideas that are opposing peace to yourself please do not poison the world.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article Ukraine in bid to re-take buildings 07/04/14


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