Rhythm of Love


Relationships are just like flowers, they need attention they need to be watered, nurtured and given their nutrients. Relationships may be likened again to a living being, they have to have a routine of doing things which is called a rhythm. Most of our relationships are dead they have no pulse, they need to be given breath once again, our relationships today may be in need of attention like flowers, they may be in need of a pulse that has been lost somewhere. The problems that we face as humanity is that when we are so much in need of something we know exactly the words to use to get what we want, it is however that when we get the very thing that we get good words to get, when we have it we forget to keep it alive. Man are mostly the worst at keeping things alive unless and until if they are trained doctors, however woman alike can not maintain the rhythm of what man try to keep alive. A relationship is a two way street and if there has to be traffic on that street there has to be one giving and one receiving and the other way round, most of us have lost the rhythm we had in our relationship all because we say that we have run out of ideas and things to say to each other. Oh God really? run out of ideas and things to say? let me be frank with someone you can not run out of things to say as long as the relationship you are in is not a mistake, and if it is get rid of it and concentrate afresh on having a relationship that you are very sure of. Man and women, there is no exciting thing to be told a sweet word in a day, at least three/four words makes the day more brighter, how many do you say in your relationship? if you have not said any in ages start today. It may seem weird at first but if you get in the swing of it you have found yourself the rhythm of love, be blessed and be a blessing


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