Short Way to Success


There are ways that we as people often perceive success, a lot of the times i have been told that success is having all the finance in the world, having beautiful houses and cars. I am here to say that you can have all those things but still you will not be successful because that is not you working towards it but maybe you may have gotten what you have from your uncle, father, brother, sister/cousin. The shortest way to success is just believing in your dreams and making sure that you have a vision that will carry your dream, your idea into the next stage. Most of us fail through one thing that is not thinking, we all fail to think, we all want to have someone thinking for us. May i just say your thought can not be executed by someone else, you have to think and find a way of executing what you thought. This is the most simple and shorter way to success is anyone coming to this short way to success?


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