Seizure of Peace


There is just hope in the lives of humanity today as there seem to be a lead in the search of Malaysian missing jet flight MH370 it is to this blog that our prayers are with the families of the 239 people that were on board that plane. Though we may anticipate that there is a best lead so far all hope is not lost as we pray for the better for those that are still searching for their loved ones that are missing with this jet. Fellow loving citizens of the world in a reality of culture this blog will also love to advocate for peace for the Basarwa people/bushman of Botswana who are victimized by their own government that want to force them out of the desert into trying to make them live a life of civilization as per the government of Botswana. People of the world and fellow peace loving citizens of the world, is it a crime to live outside government funds, the Basarwa people are not even getting any government funds they live their lives without a tax-payer’s money yet the government of Botswana want to exorcise this beautiful cultural people. Help me UN and the world address this seizure of peace within an African continent, it is a great and symbolic way to address this issue as a human right violation and the government of Botswana should be made aware. Russia have become a thorn in the flesh of peace, seizing Ukrainian state security buildings, was Crimea not enough for Russia now they are after the Ukrainian nation as a whole. UN, EU and world leaders do something before Ukraine becomes fully in the hands of bullies, do something to stop the seizure of peace in Ukraine, Ukraine deserves her right to be in peace, Russia leave Ukraine alone.

Edwin Mathe in a protest on the issue affecting the Basarwa people/bushman from Botswana and in relations to both BBC articles on East Ukraine security HQ’s seized and plane search has best lead so far 06/04/14


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