Annexing of Peace


The best way in the world to do the things that we do is to wait on principles that we believe make our world the best in peace. Our principles of peace are more based now on who we are than what we are entitled to in peace, peace has become a more resolute solution than a necessity for humanity. Russia takes up its claim in the new colonization skim what on earth are we experiencing in this world? Has the EU, UN and world leaders lost their authority on peace matters. As Russia prepares to annex Crimea into their legion of colonies it is without reasonable doubt that peace can not be annexed, the world stands arm to arm with Ukraine to gain her sovereignty back, it is now or never that peace becomes our main aim.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on Putin moves towards annexing Crimea 18/03/14

Stable success


There are times when i just feel what i am doing is just not enough, living in today’s world that is so congested with economic uncertainty. There seems a lot of things that makes humanity unstable in everything, having been a victim in a lot of things happening around me, i believe that i have been successful in making someone identify their potential. Despite how the employment opportunities are, let the best in you come out, be stable in what you believe and know best. This is just a simple way of making it across the success world as things turn to be hard, the only thing is knowing what you believe and stand for, that is just stable success at its best and that is what i choose.

The Act of love


Most of us today are just moving and we have no direction in our relationships, our relationships have become dead, they are motionless. We have no action in everything that we do, this is the reason why we have man/women raping their loved ones/being raped by loved ones. We have man and woman in acts of murder because of no action in relationships, our relationships have no remorse, they have no love, we are full of rage, we are full of anger. The Act of love abides when one remains in forgiveness, when one recognizes the importance of just loving a person the way that they are not what they have. This is just pure act of love be blessed and be a blessing

None elected Peace


No matter how hard the world has tried and no matter how Russia becomes adamant, the call for peace in Ukraine is within more and more distant. Today Crimean people voted to approve leaving Ukraine and joining Russia, i thought those days are long gone of the British Federation and the Russian Federation and so on, but this proves that in the global stage there is still more work to be done, so that peace can prevail. EU, United Nations and world leaders let us all be in support of Ukraine at this hour of her need as Russia becomes a colonizer again, let this action for peace that is UN-elected be shown toughness and none appreciation.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on independent Crimea in Russia bid 17/03/14

Un-wavering success


A lot of us today are where we are because of the thought of the past, we are not progressing in life because of that thought of failure in the past, i have lived among my African people, relatives and friends that have believed nothing of me but a useless and worthless person. Boy i tell you today i inspire even those that saw me as a useless person, i have taken them by surprise, all because while they were seeing uselessness in me i saw usefulness in myself, while they spoke hash of me the more i worked harder on my character as a person. There are some people who have similar situation to mine, today i am here to tell you in this blog, success is all about what you tell yourself, un-wavering success is yours once you believe the best about yourself, no one can determine how good you do except yourself. What have you been told? and what have you proven out of what you have been told?

Joyous Love


I have observed in years the great and mighty have problems and the only problems the great people face is relationships. In all my observation there is one thing that inspires me as a person, love is the perfect key to happiness. No matter how much of influence one has, the perfect way of handling your relationship is to love without expectation, most of us are in relationships today and expect so much out of the relationship. May i just help you friend what you expect in a relationship should be what you put, i decide myself to be happy at all times no matter how challenging i may feel my girlfriend is, no matter how i feel my family and friends may be. The joy of having them in my life is the greatest gift that i can ever expect in love, you too can enjoy the joyous love that you can. Its only loving unconditionally, remember to be kind, patient, giving and forgiving, that is your simple way to joyous love, be blessed and be a blessing

Strength of Peace


Our today may never be likened to our tomorrow, today we stand as a blog with the victims of flight MH-370 that has mystically gone missing for days now, our prayers are with the families of those 239 passengers, our prayer is that hope is instilled to them as we also hope the best is yet to come. We do hereby pass our great gratitude to the Civil Aviation authorities involved in search for this plane, we give them all our due respect in efforts they are putting to find leads to the whereabouts of this plane. Back to today’s blog the strength for peace is to be enforced in a world were peace seem to be the core value of governments. It is our wish and vision to see Ukraine back to her best that she is, we are in support of the notion of the 60,000 troops vote that the Ukrainian Government passed to bolster the country’s defense. I personally feel Ukraine has the strength to peace and her sovereignty be protected. EU, UN and the world this is the beginning of a great move by Ukraine and our support is needed let the move and strength of peace be encouraged for Ukraine.

Edwin Mathe in relations to both BBC articles on China lost plane images a mistake and Ukraine voting for new national Guard 13/03/14

Solid Success


There is a reason why you are how you are as a person, some of us have been the way we are because we have believed what people said about us, some of us are the way we are because we do not believe in the system that we are used to. May i just say to someone that no one was born to be the worst but everyone was born to be the best, it is however that every single day our solid success is melted away, either by what we hear or what we think. Solid success can only be kept intact when you freeze your brain to think negative/receive negative stuff, your brain has to be compounded to good and positive stuff that is the only way you keep your success solid. No matter how many people tell you off the best way in life is telling your self on, think positive, never look negative, dream big, never look small. This is just simple solid success, i believe i have it im starting to freeze in positive, what temperatures are on?

Love with no Bounderies


There are so many limitations that we place on ourselves as people, those limitations end up affecting us in our relationships. Today we have relationships that are cracked not because someone cracked them, it is because someone was cracked when they entered that relationship. A lot of us are wounded yet we are still holding on to the wounds, the best way to heal is just love and forgive, i know it is hard to love when you are in pain, but it is possible to love. Love with no boundaries starts with forgiveness, there are a lot of us today who have soar hearts, we are hurting and forgiveness is a word that seems to be so far from the agenda. Love without boundaries is set before you as a person, its just left for you to forgive, i am prepared for love without boundaries, are you? be blessed and be a blessing

Lone Peace


As this blog still focuses more on the missing 239 Malaysian Airlines plane victims, our hearts and prayers are with their families and friends, would love to pay their tributes to those that are on the ground doing all that they can to find out what is it that has happened to flight MH-370. Readers and followers alike we are touched and saddened by the disappearance of this plane we pray that the plane will be found and there be survivors/more of them in this large number. Back to the lone peace blog, we are so desperate as humanity to make the last ditch to peace, Putin and his government are so afraid of the international community thus the reason they claim a meeting took place between the US secretary of state and Russia in regards to the Ukraine crisis. Today peace is all alone for the people of Ukraine, as Putin and his government has singled out Ukraine to abuse her and bully her in every way, what are troops from Russia still doing in Crimea? there are demands to which the international community has put to be in place till there is a table set to negotiate with Russia. Our patience is running out, UN and the world can someone remind Putin that Ukraine is not his child, Ukraine is for the Ukrainians not for Russia, peace is a must either alone or with the world behind her Ukraine will be a peaceful nation again.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC both BBC articles on Stolen Jet passports no terror link and Kerry rejects Putin Ukraine meeting 11/03/14