Partiality of Peace


There are things in life that can be done in part, there are things in life however that can not be dealt with in part. Humanity today have made peace a part exchange deal, the more you do not work with me the more i withdraw my services kind of thing, peace is not a service industry, it is human conscience, it is human wheel its what the people want and not what governments want. I am deeply saddened of what the Government of Botswana want to do, The government of Botswana has at present turned discriminating towards its own people, the Basarwa people that are known as bushman have been told by the government to relocate and be civilized as the government says it wants the best for these people. World over tell me of a nation without tribes and their beliefs? the Basarwa people are not a danger to the government/themselves in any way, they are and have just been living their life in the desert surviving without any government help/funding, so now help me and this blog understand why the government of Botswana want to trouble this tribe. Humanitarian organisations and all that are peace loving citizens of the world, help the Basarwa community in obtaining their right to live in their own country in peace. Russia as well is also a puzzle that is becoming a bully in Ukraine, just remove those troops in any part of Ukraine place them elsewhere, UN, EU and world leaders let us do something in peace for peace to prevail in full in the world, Ukraine and the Botswana Basarwa people need their freedom and peace in full. Let peace reign and let us all have a smile for the better of this world.

Edwin Mathe in relations to both articles one from the Sunday Standard of Botswana on Basarwa Unite against oppression and a BBC article on Russia in Partial Border Pullouts 31/03/2014


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