Withdrawal of Peace


It has been such a long wait for the world to hear the fate of flight MH370, we are in wait as the prayers that we pray day by day, that the 239 passengers of the B-777-200 Malaysian Aircraft will be found in one perfect peace. It is this blog’s intention to make note that most of its readers also pray that there be a great solvent of this mystery of this missing plane, our prayers are still with the families of the 239 passengers on board the plane. Back to today’s blog the withdrawal of peace, Russia has made it clear that they are continuing with their invasion of Ukraine by forcing the Crimean Government to join them in their illegal Federation. Today Ukraine as a country has been forced to withdraw its forces out of Crimea as it looks like that is no more Ukrainian soil, but Russia’s. UN, EU and world leaders are we going to sit and watch this catastrophic act of inhumanity continues right in our noses, let there be the replacement of peace in Ukraine and Russia hands off on the Crimean people they belong to Ukraine, peace has to be forever cherished and Ukraine has done whats right for her people.

Edwin Mathe in relations to both  BBC articles on Ukraine orders Crimea withdrawal and Plane search race to recover debris 24/03/14


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